Parts For Your FE/ESR from Amazon

Shown below are parts for your FE that you can order via Amazon.  If you're anything like me, the convenience of having the parts show up at your door is worth a TON. Click on the hyperlinks below the pictures on the right to get more info and pricing.  Note that is supplying these parts --  not AutoStuff Inc. 

Please do me the favor of ordering these parts by clicking on the links here on my web site.  Your price is the same, but Amazon gives me a small "commission" on stuff ordered via these links -- and this tiny bit of income helps pay for this web site.

Coil Pack
Barry's Comments:
When the car starts to miss, this is one of the parts to replace.  You should have a spare anyway.
Plug Wires
Barry's Comments: The other primary thing to change when you have a miss.  Same comments about spares
Spark Plugs
Barry's Comments: Our spark plugs seemed to last a really long time (unless we fouled them).  If we did foul them, we found it was just best to change them, rather than try to clean them up.
Crank Trigger (Crankshaft Position Sensor)
Barry's Comments: If your engine won't start AND there's no RPM display on the dash while you're cranking, suspect this part.  I've seen metallic debris on the sensor cause a no-start as well as broken wires and failed sensors.

Ask me about a no-start at the 12 Hours of Sebring 2007 (btw...nothing to do with this sensor).

Coolant Temperature Sensor
Barry's Comments: Here's a tricky one.  This sensor ISN'T for a 2004 Ranger.  It fits a 1998 Contour.
Exhaust Gasket
Barry's Comments:
Yes, you should definitely run an exhaust gasket under the header flange.
Fel-Pro Exhaust Gasket
Air Filter
Barry's Comments: This is the one...complete with chrome end cap.
What else would you like to see? 
I welcome your comments or ideas on this information.  Feel free to drop me a line via “Comments for the Bro’s”.  


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