Special FE/SR Products

Brake Caliper O-Rings
I had molds made to produce the brake caliper O-rings.  We found that worn O-rings were a significant cause of brake pad drag and we wanted to rebuild the calipers more frequently (twice per season in Lites) without having to get a 2nd mortgage to finance the rebuilds.
Pack of 4 O-rings (specify front or rear) $


Pushrod Indexes
As you well know, this car is VERY sensitive to ride height changes.  We found that we worked in "flats" (1/6th of a turn).  To make that easier and more repeatable, I created these index labels which exactly fit a 7/8" pushrod.  The labels are weatherproof, made from laminated vinyl and intended for outdoor use.  These labels also work on Van Dieman F2000's and Pro Star Mazda pushrods.
Set of 8 labels $


Throttle Cable End
Terminating the throttle cable on an SCCA Formula Car or Sports Racer is a challenge with the standard part (unless you have a $4k swager).  This part solves the problem.  Zinc plated with 3 nylon patch set screws.
Fuel Pump Jumper
For us, weight management is critical (we seem to have too much of it).  So we drain our fuel after every session to ensure we have enough -- but not too much -- fuel on-board.  This jumper plugs into the fuel pump harness and provides two alligator clips to pick up power and ground -- allowing you to easily pump out your fuel cell.  Jumper is in corrugated conduit and uses hi-strength Mueller alligator clips and insulators.  
Rolite is a super metal polish that is normally used to polish airplanes and paper-making rollers.  Does an incredible job on aluminum and plastics. I have a limited quantity ... available while supplies last.  
$4.00 per 10 oz. tin.
$10.00 per 32 oz. can.
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How To Order
Go to “Comments for the Bro’s” and send an email to Barry Mumm.  Tell me what you want and how you want to pay.  I’ll get right back to you with an anticipated ship date (I usually have all these products in stock).

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