2004 Results
Mumm Brothers SCCA SR #10

Note: This is strictly our spin.  If you want the official version visit the Cooper Tires SCCA Sportscar Championship site.
Date Venue Qualifying

Road Atlanta

6th 6th
Before the race (we wanted to get at least one good picture "just in case")
Notes & Excuses: New car + Rusty Driver = Slow.  We still enjoyed the heck out of the car and the event!   The event was won by our old buddy Neil Tilbor in his new car.

The only performance issues we had were related to the battery...we had let it run down (lots of data acq. testing without the engine running)...and the alternator doesn't seem to have enough "oomph" to bring back a really discharged battery.

Ralph Firman from Van Diemen was at the event and it was great the interest he showed.  Also handed out at the track were:
1) Some new wing mounting parts (for a Formula Car)
2) A new style transaxle actuator.  This was a cast part which replaced the previous machined billet part.  The new actuator worked more smoothly than the old one.  Note that to get this new part, you had to turn in your old one.
3) A new lay shaft spacer.  Theoretically stronger (the old one was said to compress under the 150 ft-lb. of torque applied to the lay shaft nut).  Personally, I doubt it and we ran the old one during the race.  I did replace the spacer for the upcoming Mosport event.  FWIW, you can identify an old spacer by virtue of the stepped shoulders the spacer has.  The new spacer is just a straight tube.

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