EVD Transaxle Sketches

A Helpful Guide.
Elite has published a nice, full color manual that details the gear box.  It's great...but what I find I need is help remembering what goes where.  As an "old guy" my memory is shot...so I created the following two sketches to help me remember how the box goes together.  The dimensions shown on the barrel diagram are for OUR transmission.  Your settings might vary dependant upon your rear bearing carrier.

I find the sketches key to being able to put the transaxle back together in a thrash.  I hope you find them useful.

1) Sketch of the gear stack.  Click this "EVD Gear Stack" link to get the "pdf" version.

2) Sketch of the barrel and shift forks.  Click this "EVD Barrel Detail" link to get the "pdf" version.

Rev. 6/8//07
I welcome your comments or ideas on this information.  Feel free to drop me a line via “Comments and Feedback”.  

Barry Mumm

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