Germane Links

Link Mumm Brother Observations
Auto Meter Products Barry’s choice in gauges
Eibach North America The Spec Racer Ford spring vendor
FUEL SAFE o n l i n e The Spec Racer Ford fuel cell vendor
B.F. Goodrich The 1999 Club and Pro Tire
Hypercoils The former spring vendor
Koni The former shock vendor
Mettec Lots of good titanium fasteners
North American Motorsports Really good racing site. 
Performance Friction The Spec Racer Ford brake pad vendor
Penske Racing Shocks Zip for content, but at least you can send them email
Roush Racing Developed the SRF...Spec Racer Who?
Speedvision The Spec Racer TV Channel
SpecRacer.Com See Mike Steele below......
Sports Car Club of America Our sanctioning body
SCCA Pro Racing, LTD. The Pro version of above and the site for Pro race results and standings
Swain Tech Our choice in header coating
Yokohama Tire Co. The Spec tire after Goodyear and Bridgestone and before BFG
Valvoline A first class web of the oldest and best
Weld Racing Weld Wheels
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SRF Racer, Prep Shop and CSR Sites
Mark Breland
Tom Hunt
Donald Kahn
Mike Steele
Mike’s got a very professional site here
Scott Webb
Duane Neyer Motorsports Prep Shop -- and Duane sells those neat tubular front strut locknut tools!
Elite Autosport CSR
Racers Edge Motorsport Prep Shop
Robinson Motorsports CSR
Stephens Brothers Racing CSR
ZoomPics Shaun Lumley’s Picture Site
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