AN Hardware Kits

Mil-Spec (AN) fastener kits to improve your Spec Racers reliability!
AutoStuff AN hardware kits provide high quality replacements of the non-metric fasteners on the Spec Racer Ford.
- Improve the reliability of your car.  No more lockwashers!
- Improve the appearance of your car.  This is the "right stuff".
- Speed assembly of your car during many hours.
What Carroll Smith says:
From Prepare To Win:
“...Use no SAE grade bolts, of whatever specification, in a stressed application.  They were never designed for our applications.  Their quality control is minimal or non-existent.   Furthermore, you will pay more for a so called ‘grade 8’ bolt than you will for a good aircraft bolt and then you are going to have to saw off half the thread, finish the sawed off end and maybe drill a safety wire hole in the head.  The F.A.A. doesn’t allow the use of SAE graded bolts on aircraft and that should be some sort of a clue.”
Options and Cost
AutoStuff AN Hardware kits are available as follows:
- Front Suspension (exc. UCA Rocker Bolts)
- Rear Suspension (exc. UCA Rocker Bolts)
- Main Chassis, Seat and Radiator
- Electrics, Pedals and Throttle
- Steering and Shifter
- “Max Kit” -- all the above.
AutoStuff AN Hardware kits are available exclusively from select CSR's and AutoStuff Inc.
Rev. 2/13/05
How to Order
Please send me an e-mail via  “Comments for the Bro’s” requesting ordering information.  I'll get right back to you.  (On-line ordering is coming soon!)     


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