Special SRF Products

Apex Shifter Joints
Quick, accurate shifts are a key to winning Spec Racer events.  I spent a lot of time making sure the shifter was working the best it could.  Changing from pinned Borgeson shift joints to military specification “Apex” joints -- welded to the tube -- is one of the keys. 

Apex Shift Linkage: $500.00 each
(includes: 2 Apex joints welded to a 3/4" tube -- ready to install)

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High Quality Rod Ends
Rod end kits or individual rod ends. The suspension rod ends are high strength, 3-piece, teflon-lined, chrome moly parts. The sway bar rod ends and control kit are 2 piece, teflon-lined mild steel parts.  To ensure smooth shifting, the shifter pivot rod ends are unlined.  These are exactly the parts we ran on the “10” Car.... not the low-strength, metal-to-metal parts that come as standard with the SR.

Complete Suspension: $310.00
(includes:all the LBJ, LCA, Strut, Toe Link, Tie Rod and Sway bar rod ends on the car).

Control Kit: $27.50
(includes:Throttle, Clutch and Shifter rod ends)

LBJ Rod Ends: $100.00
(includes: 4, hi-strength 5/8" rod ends)

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Rolite is a super metal polish that is normally used to polish airplanes and paper-making rollers.  Does an incredible job on aluminum and plastics. I have a limited quantity ... available while supplies last.  
$4.00 per 10 oz. tin.
$10.00 per 32 oz. can.
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Strut Indexes
When adjusting your suspension, you need to keep track of the position of the struts.  These labels provide an index to easily identify fractions of turns of the strut.  These are polyester labels with a 1-mil clear poly film laminated over the label after they are printed.  Brushed silver color.
$5.00 for 4 labels
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Quick Disconnects
In all my racing experience, most times when it looks like rain, everyone is pacing around trying to decide how to set up the car.  These quick disconnects let you disconnect your sway bars in a matter of seconds.  Also, I find the quick disconnect great for the alternator strut.
Sway Bar Kit (front & rear):$56.50
Alternator Quick Disconnect:$18.50
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Nylock Jam Nuts
One of the problems most SRF racers have is that the large jam nuts that lock the lower ball joint rod end to the lower control arm loosen up after each track session.  To keep the rod end locked many racers run double jam nuts, but this adds unsprung weight.   These  nylock jam nuts solve the problem without adding excess unsprung weight.
5/8-18 Nylock Jam Nuts:$3.50 for 4 nuts
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How To Order
Go to “Comments for the Bro’s” and send an email to Barry Mumm.  Tell me what you want and how you want to pay.  I’ll get right back to you with an anticipated ship date (I usually have all these products in stock).

Rev. 3/7/09

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