Germane Links

Link Mumm Brother Observations
Eibach Springs Our choice of suspension springs
Fast Cougar Hot Rod Cougars
Ford SVT The Special Vehicle Team
B.F. Goodrich The “Spec Tire” for World Challenge
NECO The “New Edge Cougar Organization”
Mercury Cougar Lincoln-Mercury’s site
Speed World Challenge Racing shown here
SpeedWorld Challenge The Series web site
SCCA Pro Racing, LTD. Our Sanctioning Body
Wilwood Engineering Our choice of brake calipers
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Other Related Sites
Contour Enthusiasts Group The Contour is the cousin of the Cougar.
Mirko Racing Albert Mirko's Site...a Contour/Cougar racer.
RC Imports Rick Ellinger's Mercedes World Challenge car.
SHO Shop Parts for fast Cougars and more
RacerBoy Steve and Doreen Smith’s Cougar GT3 Site.
SL Motorsports Steve Lisa's Mazda Touring Car site
ZoomPics Shaun Lumley’s Picture Site
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