A computer program to improve your crew’s timing!
Watch-Man is a computer program that provides 10 recording “stop watches” in a laptop computer.  The program allows you to easily time up to 10 cars at once -- for up to 500 laps per session.
- Error-Free timing of up to 10 cars in multi-car sessions
- Real-time grid positions during qualifying.  Great with radios!
- Complete storage and printing for analysis and documentation
- Easy to use -- critical while standing at the pit wall
A Review
From the June, 1994 issue of SportsCar where Tim Winker reviewed 6 laptop timing programs costing $100 or less.  Here’s what he had to say:
“Given its capabilities, Watch-Man is, for me, the most user-friendly of the programs researched for this article.   It is menu-driven and the program’s options are quite self-explanatory.   Fastest lap times are displayed during qualifying sessions, allowing the crew to keep the driver informed during the session instead of after it....Best of all, I was able to use the program without wading through all of the documentation first.”
Watch-Man Functions
Time (and record the times) of up to 10 cars simultaneous for up to 500 laps each.
One non-recording “stopwatch” for timing intervals or segments.
Display in real-time: Running lap time, last lap time, fastest lap time and grid position.
Display and/or print: Grid position, finishing order, all times for one car, all times for all cars on one lap, "combo"-- grid plus all times for one car.
Full “smart” editing capability (you can’t create or destroy time and the program knows it).
Real-world design minimizes errors (e.g. the program ignores key strokes which would signal impossibly fast lap times).
Compatibility and Cost
Watch-Man runs on any “Wintel” (IBM compatible) computer using DOS version 3.0 or greater.   Watch-Man will run under Windows 95 using the MS-DOS prompt.

Watch-Man is provided on a 3.5" floppy disk and comes with a 25 page user manual.

Watch-Man is $100 -- available directly from AutoStuff Inc.

Rev. 9/5/98
How to Order
Please send me an e-mail via  “Comments and Feedback” requesting ordering information.  I'll get right back to you.  (On-line ordering is coming soon!)     


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