Germane Links

Link Mumm Brother Observations
AP Racing The caliper manufacturer
British American Transfer Lots of U.K. parts and the Mocal remote oil filter adapter we use.
Elite Transmissions The transaxle manufacturer
Formula Motorsports Inc. The promoter of the IMSA Lites series and the series official site.
IMSA The sanctioning body for our series.
IMSA Lites Forum The forum for the series
JB Racing The manufacturer of the flywheel.
Frisby Race Tires The distributor of the Hankook tires used in the IMSA Lites Series -- and Bob Schaefer is a great guy!
Pennon Composites The bead seat we use.
PowerTrain Technology The clutch manufacturer.
Scandinavian Brake Systems The maker of the spec brake pad.
Taylor Race Engineering Driveline component specialist, Craig Taylor's company.  He's helped us a lot.
TWM Induction The maker of the fuel pressure regulator.
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Other Related Sites
Comprent Motorsports Shop with lots of good FSCCA parts.
Formula X Cool Formula and SR series based on this car.
JDC Motorsports Our buddy John Church’s Zetec and Pro-Mazda site.
MLC MotorSports Reno, NV FSCCA specialist CSR
One Formula Racing Steve Stadel's site.  The CenDiv FSCCA specialist CSR.
RS Motorsports Jeff Snell and Jesse Reed's FSCCA site ApexSpeed's Spec Formula Car Board.  Lots of great posts.
Sportsracer Forum Here's the CSR/DSR/IMSA Lites forum Steve Kramer's SRF site.  Some FSCCA/SRSCCA discussions.
Van Diemen Van Diemen’s primary site.
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