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We’ve developed many friends in our years of racing Spec Racers...but only a select few have what it takes to be a Mumm Brother.  To our friends who have not yet achieved this on your attitude.  Below are the “Brothers”... to the best of my memory.
# Mug Shot Status & Comments
1 Me.jpg (14100 bytes) Brother: Barry Mumm

Looking like a typical Spec Racer.

Status: Role Model
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2 RobertStPete.jpg (35213 bytes) Brother: Robert Mumm

On the podium at St. Pete.  Robert’s on the right.

Status: Almost role model
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3 Brother: Jack Meyer

It’s taken me a while to deal with this.  Our great friend Jack Meyer passed away in April, 2000.  The picture you see here is from a “hero card” Gregg Woods created for Jack’s remembrance. 

This card, like Jack, was a piece of work.

I still miss Jack.

Status: Forever in Good Standing

3a Brother: Jack Meyer

This is the back of the hero card Gregg Woods created.  Jack’s favorite historical figure was Teddy Roosevelt.  Great choice of a quote by Gregg.
3b Jocko598.jpg (16696 bytes)  

May, 1998

As we remember Jack.

Brother: Jack Meyer

The Chief Curmudgeon.  Inventor of the MeyerCraft dash, and the record holder for number of frogs killed at Blackhawk in a single off track excursion.

Status: Good Standing

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4 Lars598.jpg (20223 bytes) Brother: Lars Lindell

Proof that the Mumm Brother “fraternity” is an equal opportunity organization.   Sweden’s answer to Benny Hill.

Status: Good Standing
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5 Clay.jpg (22756 bytes) Brother: Clay Sylvester

The first Spec Racer with a personal dyno.  Looking forward to his return to Spec Racer in your fiberglass now!

Status: Brother for Life

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6 Keith_Scharf.jpg (10194 bytes) Brother: Keith Scharf

Earned membership as the person having his name mispronounced over more loudspeakers than any other SCCA racer.  (Skarf, Schraf, Shorf, etc.)

Status: Good Standing -- my favorite nickname: “Skrafy”.
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7 Denny698b.jpg (20007 bytes) Brother: Denny Marklein

Hometown: Dogbite, Wis.
Denny has moved on from Spec Racer and here he's shown with his Formula Mazda.

Status: Good Standing
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8 Brain.jpg (17408 bytes) Brother: Brian Pishion (AKA "Brain")

Also from Dogbite, Wis.
Shown here (in the middle) on the streets of St. Pete. preparing for some street performance art. 

Status: Good Standing
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9 LeoInterview.jpg (16330 bytes) Brother: Leo Capaldi

Being interviewed on Speedvision at Mid-Ohio June, 1997.

Status: Ultimate Brother
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10 Jeff_Beck.jpg (18776 bytes) Brother: Jeff Beck

The only person other than Robert to drive the 10 car in anger (see The Archives, ’94).   Winner of the “Great Motor Weigh Off” of '93.  Met his bride as I tripped over her in the stands at IRP the same year.

Status: Good Standing -- as long as he stays out of Spec Racer.
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11 TomVC001.jpg (17523 bytes) Brother: Tom Vancamp

This guy knows how to go racing...gets a new motor home when the VCR needs rewinding.

Status: Good Standing -- but attitude could use work.
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12 Warren_Working.jpg (22751 bytes) Brother: Warren Stilwell

Many don’t know that Warren is a trained machinist.  Here he’s shown doing a precision alignment.  Warren’s attitude may not be quite bad enough....but in my mind, he personifies bad....’cause he never tells anyone, anything.
Secret Wish:  Hopes no search engine spiders find his name on this site.

Status: Contingent -- this continued winning thing has got to stop.

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13 sumners_hat2.jpg (15490 bytes) Brother: Sumner Stilwell

No attitude, but the Poster Boy for the Funky Hat Society.  Means well -- yeah, right.

Status: Good Standing -- as long as he’s at pit wall for a race.   Got to work on that superstition thing Sumner.
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bobB.jpg (18091 bytes) Trainee: Bob Boudinot (AKA “Spaz”)

Shown here with “Il Maestro” at his side.  Bob is the creator of “Turkey in a Bucket”.  This marvelous invention can not only feed you, but provides a quick and easy way to rid your lawn of pesky crab grass (or any other flammable item).   The sign on the tail of his car demonstrates the kind of pride we look for in a “Brother”.

Status: He’s next.
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Dave_H.jpg (21258 bytes) Trainee: Dave Hopple

FF racer, but in his favor are: attitude, humor (biting), and race car make:Piper.   Shown here lounging in the Mumm Shop (typical).  Knows too much, so we either make him a “Brother” or kill him....not an easy decision.

Status: Ready for the survival course.
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BJ598.jpg (27634 bytes) Trainee: BJ Zacharias

A fast guy -- tutored by Lars (see # 4 above).  Despite this, has acquitted himself well in racing.  We expect big things from BJ.  He’s got to stop hanging around us.

Status: Has a way to go -- has never brought tribute to the Mumm paddock area as required in bylaws.
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JohnC598b.jpg (28458 bytes) Trainee: John Church

Former CSR-type who now runs in CART circles.  Also, the car owner of BJ’s 1997 National Championship FF2000.  Shown here in some designer, logo  sportswear that he hasn’t shared with his “Brothers”.

Status: Might gain induction into the Brotherhood as our token “clean-cut” guy.
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coming_soon.gif (2415 bytes)The “Mummies”
The Women’s Auxiliary of the Mumm Brothers.
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