2001 Results -- Autostuff Mercury Cougar

Note: For full race results  visit the Speedvision World Challenge Series site.
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Well, our “results” in 2001 were limited...but we learned a lot.  We have high hopes for 2002.  What follows are some good pictures.
 3/01 Here’s Robert practicing standing starts at Lakeland, FL’s USA Speedway
  On the banking at Lakeland.
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 3/01 We’re at Sebring as a support race for the 12 hours.  The car in the paddock.
  Robert hard on the brakes.
  Trying to make the car turn.  Here it’s pushing like crazy.
  In the race, coming up on a BMW.  Transmission problems took us out of the race.
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 6/01 We ran a test day at Blackhawk Farms.  I say test day in jest, because all we got was 6 laps and 2 blown transmissions.  Here Denny Marklein laughs at us.  On a technical note, we’ve started relocating parts to improve the weight balance.  The fire bottle is visible on Denny’s right.

Another of our “friends” mocking us for our problems.  Lars Lindell trys the car out for size.

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 7/01 We figured we found the transmission problems so we towed out to Sears Point in California.  Here you can see the MK2 splitter and also the fact that we’ve lowered the car.
  Exiting the hairpin onto the main straight at Sears.  We didn’t finish the race...transmission problems (and no water in the radiator).
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 8/01 Armed with a new transmission and new engine we attacked Portland International Raceway.
  We didn’t start the race...transmission failure during qualifying...and we didn’t have another.
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