Chronological Build

How We Put It Together
I thought having a chronological sequence (for the most part) of photos of the build of the car would be interesting.  Here we go.

This section of the site quickly got out of hand (2 days?).  Anyway, in the interim, I've organized things by significant date.  Lots of pictures in each link.

2-23-04 -- The Car Arrives
2-24-04 -- Disassembly Begins
2-29-04 -- Disassembly 2
3-6-04 -- Disassembly  &  Assembly
3-19-04 -- Mostly  Assembly
3-30-04 -- Back to Disassembly
4-15-04 -- The Final Push

Rev. 5/10/04
I welcome your comments or ideas on this information.  Feel free to drop me a line via “Comments and Feedback”.  

Barry Mumm

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